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    The Nassau School and Municipal Savings Initiative is a cooperative effort among Nassau BOCES, Nassau County, and Nassau County school districts and public agencies to reduce costs by sharing services. The initiative has saved $10 million so far. The project began in earnest in 2009, although school officials have been meeting and planning for implementation since 2006. The initiative is supported by a $1 million 21st Century Demonstration Grant from the New York State Department of State.

The grant Steering Committee initially targeted four cost-cutting areas: cooperative purchasing, information technology and telecommunications (ITT), internal audit and out-of-district transportation.

Subcommittees were created in each of these areas with the goal of demonstrating cost savings and service-delivery improvements among Nassau BOCES, Nassau County, and Nassau County school districts and public agencies.

Please take a few minutes to read about the exciting work underway. The goal is to save taxpayers money. Please feel free to reach out with any suggestions or questions.

  Successful $1M grant application 
Purpose and Objectives

  • Identify opportunities for savings in noninstructional support services
  • Leverage $1 million grant for recurring annual savings through economies of scale and efficient resource management
  • Work to remove legal and regulatory impediments to cooperation among Nassau BOCES, school districts and municipalities
  • Serve as a prototype for similar multi-jurisdictional collaborations in New York state and nationally
  • Encourage widespread buy-in and participation by school districts and public agencies           

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